Roofer SEO for Millionaire Roofing Contractors

Want to turn your roofing business into a millionaire business?

You just need a website to convert leads and some knowledge of SEO to generate leads.

To be more specific, you need to know roofer SEO. I am going to show you how to do it step by step completely free.

Step 1 — Keyword Research

The very first thing you do for any online project is keyword research.

If you skip this step then you are going into the dark without a torch, you have to do this.

Keyword research allows you to discover what people are searching for on Google regarding your business.

You will also discover keyword search volumes, this allows us to calculate how much traffic your website will get and how many roofing leads you will get from it.

I am going to run through a real-life example for you to follow and apply to your own roofing company.

We will use free tools throughout the whole process, this will not cost you anything and will turn your roofing business into a money-making machine.

First of all head on over to Ubersuggest.

Roofer SEO keyword research

Enter a keyword that will be something like “a roofing service you offer + the area you operate in” as shown above.

As you can see, I have entered the keyword “roof repair san antonio”. Go ahead and hit the search button. Make sure you have the country select that you operate in from the drop-down menu.

Keyword Overview

On the next screen, you will see the keyword overview, this will give you the search volume data and the SEO difficulty score.

The higher the SEO difficulty number the harder it is to get a top Google ranking for that keyword.

Roofing SEO keyword suggestions

Scroll down the page to see more roofing keyword ideas.

You can export the list to save on your pc for later.

You can return to the homepage to repeat this process to find more and more roofing keywords.

Simply enter your roofing service followed by the areas you operate in. This will build out your keyword target list.

Other examples of keyword targets for a roofing company would be:

  • roof flashing repair san antonio
  • chimney repair san antonio
  • roof cleaning san antonio
  • repair roof leak san antonio
  • roof installation san antonio
  • metal roofing contractors san antonio

I think you get the idea. Your keyword will contain your roofing service plus the area you operate in.

Why do we target these keywords?

These keywords are long-tail, they have lower competition and are easier to rank top on Google for.

The keywords are highly targeted and convert leads into customers very easily.

It is very important that you understand this, and know that keyword research is the most important part of any online project.

Take your time with this, get it right and you will be very successful.

Keyword research is not just about discovering the search terms that people use on the search engines to find your roofing services, you must also ascertain a value/cost for that keyword. Many people completely skip this step, big mistake.

The next step is to discover how many leads/money a keyword will bring to your roofing company should it rank top on Google.

I will show you how to do this right now:

Let’s say our keyword is “roof repair san antonio” and we know that the monthly search volume is 1000.

If you rank top, not all traffic goes your way, in fact, it is said around 33% of that full search volume hits your site. So to know the exact traffic we will receive from a keyword we need to do this calculation:

1000 (search volume) x 0.33 (actual traffic) = 330 new leads every month

Now we need to know how many leads will convert into customers. Leaning on the conservative side of things, a poor website will convert at least 5%, so if you do not know your website conversion rates use 5% for this next calculation. Please note it is likely to be much higher than this.

330 (new leads) x 0.05 (website conversion rate) = 16.5 new customer every month

Now you can work out how much a top ranking for this keyword is worth to your roofing business every month.

Say your average roof repair price in san antonio is $800 for your roofing company.

We can discover how much the keyword will make you:

800 (roofing repair cost) x 16.5 (new customers) = $13,200 every month

For this roofing company in this example, a top-ranking for this keyword would bring the business an extra $13,200 every month.

Say you have a top Google ranking for 7 keywords like this, it would mean an extra $92,400 a month for your business, which is a whopping $1,108,800 a year. A website can turn your roofing business into a million pound roofing business. If you follow the process above and below step by step it is most definitely worth doing.

Step 2 — Get A Website

The second thing you need is a website.

Do not worry if you are low on money, you can get a website for free.

Also, if you already have a website, do not worry, you can modify what you have for a top ranking.

Having a premium domain name with HTTPS gives you an advantage from an SEO standpoint, and I highly recommend you get this.

Domain names are cheap from NameCheap and hosting is low cost from BlueHost. So no need to use a free website, but if you really must, here are some free website options:

  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Wix

Follow the link to the listed website, sign up, and get started.

I do highly recommend that you purchase a domain name and an SSL certificate, they are not expensive at all.

You should install WordPress as your content management system, you can use this platform and develop your website with ease.

If you choose BlueHost as your hosting you can install WordPress with a few clicks of your mouse, it is not difficult. You will need to change your Name Servers to point to BlueHost within NameCheap.

There is a guide to follow that shows you how to point NameCheap domains to BlueHost servers.

After you have done that you can follow this guide on how to install WordPress on your website using BlueHost.

After that, you just need to select a theme for your website. Keep in mind that to rank top you need a fast loading site, so choose a quick loading theme that is low on Javascript. For fast loading WordPress themes go here.

Now that you have your roofing website up and running it time to add some content or optimize existing content for that keyword we found earlier.

Step 3 — Optimize Your Website

Ideally, you will now have a fast-loading website that has HTTPS with an SSL certificate installed. This will help your website rank high.

You will want to have different pages on your site for each keyword. However, if the search terms are related you will optimize a single page for many keywords. For example, one page would be optimized for “roof repair san antonio” and “roof repair san antonio south”.

It is well known that pages with more than 2000 words rank higher, so aim for in-depth content. To ensure conversion rates are high make sure you use images of previous work and reviews. If you have videos of previous work and clients leaving reviews then embed them too. Get videos on a YouTube channel, that will also drive traffic to your website, social promotion is another subject altogether.

First of all, get your main keyword in your MetaData.

Get your keywords in the Meta Data

As you can see, this roofing company has their keyword in the Title Tag, it should also have the exact keyword in the description area too.

Let’s move onto the content.

You must have the keyword in your page headings, these are called H TAGS.

You have the keyword in the main heading at the top of the page, also known as the H1 TAG.

Then make sure your keyword is in one other heading, this would be an H2 to an H4 heading.

Within the content body, you should aim to have the keyword density around 0.7%, ensure it is just below 1%.

The keyword should be somewhere at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom of the content at the very least.

That’s it, your pages are now optimized for a top Google ranking.

Step 4 — Promotion

The next step is to promote your website.

You should first make sure that Google knows that your website exists.

To do this go ahead and make a Google Webmaster Account.

Then verify your website and submit your sitemap for Google bot to crawl and index.

You can start joining Facebook groups, be active and post to them daily with links back to your roofing pages.

This will bring in traffic and the links will help with rankings.

Backlinks act as a vote for your website, the more you have the more chance you have of ranking higher in the SERPs. Be sure to read Google Guidelines on off-site promotion, building backlinks goes against their terms and may get your site penalized.

Promotion on social media is safe, so get active on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have the time, YouTube too.

This will get your site noticed and the backlinks will come in, they will be earned because you have a great website that loads fast and offers great content.

With that in mind, be sure to add a blog to your website, write about roofing tips, this will build trust and improve conversions on your website.

With these few simple roofer SEO tricks and tips, you can turn your roofing business into a million-pound business. Don’t be the one that lets it get away.

If you need an expert to get this done for you head on over to the website, they will get you a great return on your investment. Many roofing contractors don’t have the time to do it themselves, SEO should be done daily and outsourcing to an expert is a great way to get it done.

I am an online blogger and love writing for Medium and other platforms on the same scope.